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Our Story

DigiSay Group is a full-stack media company that started in 2010 focusing on creator services including content management and distribution. Today DigiSay acts as a media group with subsidiaries providing end to end services around the content life-cycle from inception to monetization. DigiSay aims to focus on the media sector from a technology and venture building perspective.

DigiSay Throughout the Years

Origins: From 2010 to 2017, DigiSay was born as as one of the first certified YouTube MCNs globally with a leading position in the Egyptian market and it preserved its footprint for years.

Transformation phase: During 2017 to 2021, DigiSay transformed from being an MCN to an MPN which revitalized its position in the media industry, creating over 80 platform relationships.

DigiSay's transformation didn’t stop here, it further revolutionized its services to becoming tech-driven as well as focusing on the MENA region.


This transformation expanded DigiSay significance into a leading MENA media company. Right at this time, SilkBytes, as an independent company tech arm,  was born and  further ventures like Minly were co-founded.    

Evolution phase: From 2021 till today, DigiSay has expanded from a one service company supported by a technology arm into a full-stack solution house with 7 companies backed up by years of expertise under the same roof. DigiSay has elevated its businesses to focus on product, service, and technology which supported leaving a footprint in every project. DigiSay has managed to cater to every component in the media industry and shape its ecosystem with a wide clients base. It also has managed to boost the creator economy by introducing multiple services, ​software and tools that support individual content creators, medium-sized media house productions, mega productions, and VODs platforms. Through years of experience, success stories, and network gains, DigiSay Group has managed to develop successful R&D and innovation programs that enhance the company’s portfolio and guarantee offerings sustainability based on tech-driven automated processes.

DigiSay Today

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