Digisay offers antipiracy services through innovative technologies for monitoring and enforcing digital copyright infringements. Our services extend across the audiovisual, publishing, software, gaming, and a variety of other media markets including search engines social video platforms and links aggregators with an impressive success rate of 90%.


DigiSay helps brands engage and activate audiences worldwide through top influencers, such as bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers. We pick for you influencers that can connect you with the right audience , amplifying your brand story .


With the rise of social media platforms, everyone is a potential influencer affecting your brand’s reputation. Leveraging on these two-way communication channels is essential to growing fans loyalty and a maintaining the brand’s positioning within their minds. With a focus on the media industry, our communications team achieves that not only through social media, but also through other channels such as offline media, on ground communication activities, corporate social responsibility and other tactics that come together as one integrated strategy.


With the growth in digital video consumption came the need for different consumption patterns on different digital platforms. DigiSay partners up with creative production companies to produce digital content for YouTube, Facebook and other platforms with different length and in different genres.With our in-house content and production team, our services include production of different formats ranging from 30-second advertising copies to long format shows.


With a combination of experience, optimized processes and strong partnerships with leading digital media platforms we provide our partners with the best distribution strategy that secures the widest reach and the best monetization scheme. Our distribution services include content management and distribution on several digital platforms, live streaming service, channel & video optimization and monetization.