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Through implementing the right metadata and SEO strategy, we guarantee a sustainable growth to your channel viewership and subscribers. 

DigiSay understands how the YouTube search and recommendation algorithm works. and by aligning with YouTube policies we are confident in our results.

DigiSay helps gain viewership, but also the right type of viewership. By targeting specific demographics, channels have the chance to gain a captivated audience that brands love.

Protect Your Content

​Do you ever get to the problem of someone downloading your YouTube videos and re-uploading it to their channel? with DigiSay, we will help to end this nightmare, We have access to many copyright tools that make that easy. Join DigiSay network now, and get control over your YouTube content.

  • Earn Money from Content someone stole from you.

  • Block videos that someone stole from you.

  • We block/monetize segments, full videos.

  • We have multiple techniques to find stolen content.

  • Stolen someones' content is very common problem and a lot of YouTube creators struggle with it. 

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With DigiSay you can increase your audience base and engage more with your fans. Through tapping into YouTube creators' tools we can set up all your videos and channel settings to encourage the user to subscribe to your channel and make it easy for them to follow you.

DigiSay offers practical value, by giving you tips, best practices and proven techniques that will boost subscribers on your channel, you certainly will leave your competitors in the dust.

Boosting subscribers is an invaluable feature to all creators of all scale, Join DigiSay now and increase your fans.

At DigiSay, with the help of our high-end tools, best practices and techniques we can assure you better visibility and more watch time on your content to increase revenue to the maximum.

  • Competitive revenue shares

  • Low minimum payments thresholds 

  • Multiple payment methods

  • No lock-in contracts

  • No obligations

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