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Different expertise integration 

Our Companies

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Is a global company that offers technology-based solutions in a wide range of industries. These solutions center around protection, monetization, and data-driven decisions. SilkBytes explores challenges to tackle in the media sector, utilise products it creates to expand into other profitable business lines, to eventually become a product-based media-tech corporation. SilkBytes provides convenient solutions to clients by educating and assisting them in every step of the way. It also guides clients to understanding the industry and staying ahead of it.

cubitcode final-02.png

Cubitcode is an innovative economy and venture building studio. Our experiences include media, tech, entrepreneurship, wellness, lifestyle, and ecosystem development.

We help our partners from government, family offices and the private sector to identify and form complimentary partnerships in the MENA region at some of the most exciting projects.

We do this through innovative concepts, design, technology & user centricity and deeply rooted commercial capacities of our group of companies. We work with our partners with high-end advocacy, diplomacy & sensitive discretion to bring the right parties to the table and serve the most advanced ventures being created around MENA with a high sense of purpose & futurism at the centerstage of the creator economy.


Immersive is DigiSay Group's production arm.
Immersive works on producing creative concepts developed in-house or in collaboration with other production partners. 
The Global film and TV production spend rose by 16% to $220bn in 2020, despite Covid. Global spend on producing and licensing new entertainment content rose by 16.4% in 2020 to $220.2bn and is expected to increase to $250bn for 2021, according to research from Purely Streamonomics.28 Jun 2021.
Immersive aims at capturing MENA wide and global production projects that will allow it to become a global player.


DigiSay Group is a full-stack media company that started in 2010 focusing on creator services including content management and distribution. Today DigiSay acts as a media group with subsidiaries providing end to end services around the content life-cycle from inception to monetization. DigiSay aims to focus on the media sector from a technology and venture building perspective.

RightsHero offers innovative and adaptable solutions that enable copyright holders to protect their digital content from unauthorized copy and reuse on the internet, as well as reduce the visibility of pirated content, in order to protect the value of their assets and finally realize their rightful revenues. RightaHero also offers full digital protection solutions to digital media copyright holders all around the world. Furthermore, the comapny's protection services give comprehensive insights that assist businesses analyze consumer behaviour and, as a result, advertise their content based on those findings.

Mangos Final vrsion-04.png

Being part of DigiSay Group which is built around the global media-tech venturing world, Mangos24 is a marketing communications agency that helps brands reach out to their target audiences through thoughtful plans utilizing various online and offline channels. Mangos24 being "The Idea Agency" is a representation of smart communications solutions. Focus is always on facts, results and progress for the brands we work with. Unlike a conventional agency approach, Mangos24 taps into technology capabilities that are either off the shelf or custom made to help clients Communicate Better, More Efficiently and Smartly. This model is backed by, and integrated with, DigiSay Group capabilities and expertise.


Revive is a wellness media company focusing on ideas and projects including reality shows, social content and technologies aiming at promoting a healthier lifestyle for humanity. Revive's first projects include a reality show done by the creators of Extreme Makeover Home Edition and The Biggest Loser proving that food is the best medicine. As well as a mobile application to activate the community around plant based diet nutrition and healthier lifestyles.

An integrated business is a successful business

Strong collaboration between our companies is critical to the success of DigiSay Group. Business integration and partnerships enable DigiSay to combine the abilities and expertise of all its companies in order to achieve mutual business goals. DigiSay companies complement each other for an outcome of a full product, service and technology business package.

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