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Who are we?

DigiSay values itself in being a leading media-tech enabling company in MENA. DigiSay focuses on the creator economy advancements which kickstarted the company’s early days on YouTube with further business opportunities like working on the most successful and well known projects in MENA’s media industry. DigiSay has extensive expertise in managing complex media challenges through strategic and technology based approaches.

Our Strategic Approach


We help build and shape a precise foundation to anchor the brand or project with a multi-platform approach in mind.   

Horizon Thinking

As a result of working on different horizons strategically and building ecosystems around innovative brands, we enable change and empower business transformation


We bring and unify components together as well as bring different stakeholders to sustain industry progress and structure

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Workforce/Human Capital




Clients Served

Our Partners


We deliver value every step of the way 

Through our extensive efforts to improve as well as build our deliverables around sustained processes; DigiSay group has managed to create partnerships with the biggest platforms to cater to our clients’ services faster, better and in a more efficient yet convenient way. 


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