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Whether you're a small content creator or an established channel that needs an extra push to take things to the next level, DigiSay knows what it takes.

We focus on sustainable channel growth that will lead to success people are going to keep talking about.

  • Protect your assets on YouTube 

  • Reach More relevant Audience

  • Get More Earnings

There are a lot of YouTube networks available to help with optimization, monetization, copyright protection and any other details people do not initially think about. If the goal is to grow your channel to the point that it is making substantial money, it needs to be treated like a true business.

Partnering with a company that better understands the business can give anyone a huge advantage. Although it does cost money, (mostly with a revenue split agreement) it's a worthy investment.

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Why Do you Need That?

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DigiSay makes the process of growing a channel as easy as possible. Instead of focusing on minor details, the focus is on creating content that brings in viewers. Too many companies rely on just opening up a few doors for YouTube channels and then sitting back, collecting a paycheck. The hands-on, helpful approach of DigiSay is different from many competitors. Here are a few differences people will notice.

It takes more than just posting videos to grow.

Proper distribution is essential for any content creator. DigiSay understands the strategy that goes into distribution content to the right media platforms.
Standard YouTube videos are great, but DigiSay helps with so much more than that. Live video, channel optimization, social media shares and more can all drive traffic to the YouTube channel. This helps monetize the channel and increase the rate quickly.


In order to earn more on YouTube, channels must be marketable. Without any marketability, advertisers will balk at working with a channel, regardless of their views.
DigiSay helps gain viewership, but also the right type of viewership. By targeting specific demographics, channels have the chance to gain a captivated audience that brands love.

Our wide circle of Brands can help channels reach new levels. Brand integration and branded content shared on their social media platforms, ultimately leading viewers to check out a YouTube channel. We help our influencers to be advertiser-friendly as well.

Protecting your Assets is our priority

Piracy is a nightmare

Growing a YouTube channel is hard enough without any additional challenges. One such challenge a lot of channels face is dealing with stolen content. DigiSay offers full protection when it comes to copyright infringement. A monitoring system, also known as content ID, is used to always be on the lookout for stolen content, snuffing out problems before they get out of hand.
No one should ever feel vulnerable and unprotected as a creator online. Copyright protection is a must to handle any issue that comes up. If not dealt with, it could do costly damage to an otherwise successful channel.


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DigiSay offers full transparency between our network and the creators at all times. Have a question? Reach out to us at any time. Feel like some different avenues need pursuing to grow? We want everyone to feel like they are part of a community of creators. That sometimes means trying new things, thinking outside the box and learning.
Those who work with the company can also have freedom with no lock-in contracts, minimum payments, competitive revenue share, a lucrative referral system and more. The resources we provide to the content creators are second to none in the industry.

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